Who We Are


NovaHR is a human resources consulting firm dedicated to providing affordable HR advice and support to small and medium sized businesses. Companies with as few as 15 employees are faced with growing governmental regulations, reporting requirements, discrimination charges and wrongful discharge lawsuits. However, many smaller companies simply cannot afford a full-time HR professional. This is where NovaHR can help. We provide the tools, strategies and approaches necessary to effectively and efficiently support your company's HR needs without the cost of a full-time employee.



Our Approach


We believe that effective consulting isn't about "selling". It's about providing practical, cost-effective solutions to improve employee relations and reduce the risk of costly fines and litigation. Our approach is simple and straightforward. We begin with a Human Resources Audit to assess your company's policies, procedures, employment practices, forms, and personnel files. Once we determine where your strengths and improvement opportunities are, we provide you with a confidential report and discuss appropriate solutions. Then we partner with you to create and implement a plan that fits your schedule and respects your budget.           



How We Can Help


Whether you need us on a intermittent or ongoing basis, we serve as an extension of your business. Every policy and program is customized and tailored to your specific needs. We act as an external advisor in all human resources functions and provide the following services:

  • Recruiting and Hiring - Post jobs, screen candidates and set up interviews. Review and revise your hiring practices to help you attract a diverse pool of qualified candidates.
  • Orientation - Develop a program to welcome new employees and ensure all policies are explained and necessary paperwork is completed.
  • Job Descriptions - Design and update job descriptions which are valuable tools for hiring, training, performance reviews and disciplinary actions. 
  • Employee Handbook - Create a customized employee policies and procedures handbook.
  • Personnel Files - Review, reorganize and update individual employee HR files and assist you with compliance with record-keeping requirements.
  • Payroll/ HRIS Implementation - help with selecting and implementing the right tools for applicant tracking, onboarding, payroll and benefits management, which will increase the efficiency of your HR/payroll staff.
  • Employee Surveys - Conduct surveys and analyze results to improve job satisfaction and employee retention.
  • Performance Evaluation - Design a performance review system (electronic or paper-based) and train managers to conduct fair and effective evaluations to increase productivity and improve poor performance.
  • Management Training and Development - Train your supervisors and managers to be effective coaches and leaders and educate them on the legal pitfalls of hiring, discipline and termination.
  • Compensation System - Design a comprehensive employee wage and salary program, including assistance with classification of exempt and nonexempt employees.
  • Benefits Comparison and Selection - Assist with selection of benefits programs to meet your needs and conform to your budget.
  • Harassment Policies and Investigations - Provide policies and training, conduct investigations, recommend solutions and provide documentation to comply with EEOC requirements.
  • Drug-Free Workplace Program - Create a written drug and alcohol testing program, provide training for employees and managers and help you obtain the allowable Worker's Compensation Insurance premium discount.
  • Worker's Compensation - Conduct accident investigations, complete First Report of Injury Forms and assist with light duty assignments.
  • Discipline and Termination - Consult on employee discipline and terminations to ensure that they are done appropriately and are well-documented in order to minimize the risk of litigation and reduce your UC experience rating.
  • Exit Interviews - Find out the real reasons why employees leave your company, pinpoint problem areas to improve employee retention.

For Franchisors

The professionals at NovaHR have 15 years of experience developing Franchise Operations Manuals.  We will gather, organize and document your business operations and administrative controls.  You will receive your manual as an editable document, or we can create an intranet site for your franchisees to access your policies, procedures, forms and training materials.